The Old & The New

  An old friend of mine from Fine Arts college days, Seth, got married on the second day of the new year. Manong Zetty, as I fondly call him to tick him off, met me when I was 15. In our class I was the only female student, from a small town, from a geeky science school. Him, and two more classmates sort of took me under their wing, and taught me many life lessons. How to hold down my alcohol, haha, how boys are after only one thing, and how to out-drink even the most hardcore of drinking buddies! Very, very, very important life skills that until these days serve to my advantage! When this old friend asked me to design his future wife's wedding gown and his suit, I was doubly excited! I met Celine a few months before their wedding and loved her straight away! Despite all the sarcastic things I say about Manong Zetty, he is a genuine, sincere and kind person. And Celine is a wonderful woman who is a reflection of the man she chose to be her lifetime partner. My heart swells that these two found each other! They are made for each other! The theme for the wedding was Sepia. That beautiful, coffee-colored palette that takes you to a nostalgic, romantic time. Weathered, perfected by nature. Old photographs that speaks volumes, grandmother's lace passed on to generations, the timelessness of a gentleman's well tailored suit. 10409453_821952644532946_2032315577203022336_n 1509686_821952254532985_6131578181382545401_n (1) 1926643_821952321199645_8327495416405719789_n (1) 1482797_821952364532974_5514684943259983248_n (1) 10959540_821952431199634_8371223938924966880_n 10441301_821952457866298_2653707556276896962_n (1) 10474660_821952587866285_380115932626895639_n (1) Watch Manong Zetty get emotional in his heartfelt vows. Here. Sigh. Love. 10420329_821952654532945_8907543239331832559_n Congratulations and Best Wishes to Seth & Celine!!!   Three piece plaid wool suit on the Groom, bespoke Tipay Caintic for men Lace wedding gown on the Bride, bespoke Tipay Caintic for bridal Collar by Danilo Franco Photos and video from Wishbone Photo + Cinema

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