I joined an online contest on PLDT SME Nation’s Official Page on September. (hey Vin Orias, thanks for the heads up!) Answer a question, get picked and win a scholarship to the Asian Institute of Management!

It was a 5 Day Entrepreneurship Development Workshop which was kindof a crash course to their Executive MBA program. It opened a floodgate of knowledge and insight on how to do business!

Together with representatives from some of PLDT’s corporate clients, 15 entrepreneurs from the contest rounded up the class. Blessed to be one of the 15 who got in! I learned so many valuable things, relearned a few more and made awesome friends in the process!

Our appointed “class president” Joey Garcia, COO of Rai Rai Ken said that AIM made us all smarter, even their pencils made us smart! Can’t help but agree! Even our writing pads said “Executive Education” I feel all grown-up and legit! Haha!

Congratulations to us, PLDT SME AIM – 1st Class!

Look, Ma! For you!

Thank you PLDT SME Nation and Smart for putting together this program!

Tipay xx

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