I have a growing clientele for bespoke wedding projects. This one is one of my favourites, or dare I say it? My favourite for this year! It’s my first wedding in the US, it’s the first time I designed a Barong, I have a new tailor, it has fancy embroidery on it, and what makes it most special, it is my very first gay wedding!

Together with a lot of my contemporaries in fashion, I was one of the people who Rainbow-fied their profile picture when all of the states in America FINALLY legalized same-sex marriage. Why? Because I believe in it. Is the Philippines ready for it? As much as I would like to see my friends get hitched and have their partnerships acknowledged as a legal union and therefore benefit from the rights and responsibilities due them, this country needs MORE education, MORE safeguarding of human rights, MORE accountability from its citizens and government, MORE boundaries between state and church, more more more MORE

Mark & Daniel got married in City Hall at the state of San Francisco, California on the summer of 2015. I met Daniel in London through Mark’s sister, Mirriam who went with me for Fashion Week last year. I met Mark in Manila when he went home for a short vacation.

When I got wind they were getting married, I was sincerely happy for them, they seemed very much in love and a wonderful match to each other! When they asked me if I could make them their Barong, hellzzz YAS!

Emails and pegs came in, they wanted a “Chinese” collar, they wanted to match, simple as that. BUT me, being me, had other ideas. I presented a sketch and an idea for customized embroidery. One that represented this couple’s love story.

Set against the Golden Gate, in the city where they met and fell in love, is the sun setting and birds flocking towards it, an optimistic nod to their life together. At the base of the bridge is the Alps and abundant sampaguita flowers blossoming within the mountains. Yep, you guessed it right, Daniel is Swiss and Mark is Filipino. I know, I know… I’m a total cornball. But I loved it, they loved it, we all loved it!

And despite making it harder for myself, custom-embroidery work with a deadline, it turned out beautifully!

And they wore it wonderfully!

A pair of Bespoke Barong for the grooms. Piña – Jusi base with customized embroidery work, an oriental collar, handmade buttons with mother of pearl inlay.

Best of wishes to the newlyweds! Here’s to the future! *clink*

Tipay xx

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